Tactical Charity Society Program


As a part of our mission to involve as many as possible in the acts of charity, we at Voluntary Virtue have constructed the Tactical Charity Society Program (TCS) to help us better coordinate with and promote boots-on-the-ground acts of charity.

Our belief is that most charitable organizations fall short in their capacity to motivate others towards acts of virtue, and with this program, we hope to ensure it remains a core aspect of our operations.

The TCS program utilizes a series of Operators and social media campaigns to leverage the public to help us and those in need. Each of us can accomplish much as individuals, but when a group connected by a common cause is able to coordinate their efforts towards that end, we can move mountains.

It is our sincere hope that our push for communal involvement in charitable action will have lasting side effects for years to come, and help to demonstrate that not only is charitable action beneficial to those in need, it can also be beneficial to those who help, and those around them.

Becoming a TCS Operator

The TCS program will require a team of virtuous and responsible individuals to help us with coordinating events, engaging proactively with those in need, and helping to ensure that all of our charitable activities run smoothly and efficiently for the sake of our donors. To meet this need we aim to assemble a cadre of trustworthy virtuous individuals who have demonstrated a desire to not only participate but help in the organization and running of charitable events and activities known as TCS Operators.

Each TCS Operator is a vetted volunteer who will be required to complete a formalized training before being authorized to engage with the public on behalf of Voluntary Virtue and the TCS program. During this training, the rules and responsibilities of acting as a TCS Operator will be clearly outlined so as to prevent any possible issues moving forward and to give the volunteer a clear understanding of their responsibilities and powers to most effectively help organize and operate charitable events and activities.

If you wish to express your interest in becoming a TCS Operator please send us an email titled TCS OPERATOR INQUIRY – (Your name here) at the contact below containing:

  • Your name
  • Your city and state of residence
  • Your reason for wanting to be involved with the program
  • What might separate you from other potential Vetted Volunteers
  • An expression of your willingness to work and engage with any potential charitable recipients and non-vetted volunteers in order to help provide influential, effective, and efficient charitable services to those in need


Please be aware that it may take some time for us to process each request, and that the most complete, qualified, and deserving individuals will be selected for further interview and training to ensure proper placement into these critical roles.